What happen to this section ?

Discussion in 'Fine Art Discussion & Requests' started by Big_Pvts, May 30, 2015.

  1. Big_Pvts

    Big_Pvts Member

    This used to be the section to come to for the latest sets, has there been a crack down ??
  2. z99zz01

    z99zz01 Member

    I have noticed the same thing. Any answer?
  3. ZipLineAttack

    ZipLineAttack Member

    I just got back after many months of traveling (my old avatar is gone!) but this section was mostly requests for hard to find sets and model ID inquiries. "Zip/Rar Sets" was the spot for new content though.
  4. Big_Pvts

    Big_Pvts Member

    Sorry ZipLineAttack, should have been more specific.

    Referring to this section "Fine Art Girls" and subcatigory of "Picture (Thumbs) Posts & RAR-files"
    I'm guessing there was a crack down on posting the new stuff ???
  5. ZipLineAttack

    ZipLineAttack Member

    Oh ok. I'm not sure. I'm so out of the loop.

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