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Discussion in 'Fine Art Discussion & Requests' started by S-type, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    A (new?) quality site (remember, we're talking Fine Art) without a prefix? Make your prefix requests here, providing justification and supporting evidence if you have any, and a link would be helpful. Requests without them may well be ignored!

    Prefixes may be withdrawn if content proves to be inferior.
  2. nothingless

    nothingless Guest

    Here a quality site . I requested prefix for this studio . Thank !

    S-type Edit : Done!
  3. nothingless

    nothingless Guest

    Another quality site : , , RQ-STAR.JP, .Thank !

    S-type Edit : Done, except for RQ-STAR.JP! Need to see some evidence for that one.

    PS Perhaps the Asian Porn forum in Special Interests might be more appropriate for material from that source?
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  4. hqsin

    hqsin Elite

    to add :)

    S-type Edit : Done!
  5. nothingless

    nothingless Guest

    Request for prefix. Thank !

    S-Type Edit : Done.
  6. idstalker

    idstalker Guest

    So where do I find this "" prefix in use with FM-Teens pics and vids ?
  7. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    When you click on the orange "+Post New Thread" button in the Fine Art Girls section, the first box offered is "Prefix:"! Click on the downward pointing chevron, and scroll down to the required Prefix - FM-Teens is in that list - and click on it! And there, you've selected your prefix! You can then progress to the rest of your post.
  8. hqsin

    hqsin Elite

    req for APDNudes thx :)

    S-type Edit - Done.
  9. hqsin

    hqsin Elite

    req for Danni ,

    S-type Edit - Done.
  10. FL!NT

    FL!NT Elite

    Request for

    very similar to Twistys when it comes to soft core & solo girls.


    S-type Edit : Done.
  11. FL!NT

    FL!NT Elite

    Please add

    good solo girl content


    Edit S-type : I've done it, but I'm not 100% sure, so post some decent stuff in it or I'll withdraw it!
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2012
  12. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    my request is for

    quality HQ softcore website with a good choice of girls.
    I know I have actually a few posts only here on Kitty-Kats but (as I said before in my first Ariel Rebel post) I use rapidgator hosting and it wasn't your choice in the past times ;)

    anyway I can share (almost) all the content from nude-muse inside the ZIP-RAR sub-forums for you, so if you are interested.... I'm waiting for the prefix :rolleyes:

    Edit S-type : Done. Looking for quality! ;)
  13. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    another request goes for

    german website with a lot of nice international girls. Hope you liked the nude-muse thread enough to fill this request too :D

    I'd like to request FigureBaby too, but I noticed you refused the photos2q request before, hope you can change your attitude about that place in the future ;)


    Edit S-type : Done. Giving both a run out!
  14. hqsin

    hqsin Elite

    add , thx

    Edit S-type : Done.
  15. hhawkes

    hhawkes Elite

    Could you please create prefix for and they are very popular. is the parent site of so possibly the one prefix for TeenStarlet could cover both? Thanks

    Edit S-type : Done.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2012
  16. alonsospeed

    alonsospeed Guest

    Mate can you make a prefix for OnlyCuties in the Fine Art Girls section. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


    Edit S-type : This is alrerady covered by the "Only-..... (all)" prefix, isn't it?
  17. FL!NT

    FL!NT Elite

    Please add (very good solo sets in 5616px).


    Edit S-type : Done. Sorry for the delay.
  18. WilliamTeller

    WilliamTeller Manager Staff Member

  19. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    I've set up the prefix and moved the thread into Fine Art ZIP/RAR sets.
  20. MadJock

    MadJock Guest

    Is tehre a prefix for RylskyArt?

    Edit S-type : Done. Thanks for your patience.

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