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    This request is so similar to one a few threads down, the difference being one consonant, "D" instead of "P" that I worry it would be seen as a duplicate. Both girls are featured on the same sites too.
    Her Amour Angels sets have been posted here on KK and elsewhere so really I'm looking for the ShowyBeauty set, TeenPornStorage and ExclusiveTeenPorn. Thanks for any help!

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  2. Erotic Tale
    Paradise Room
    Presenting Laina
    New Fan
    Bright Rainbow
    Effortless Movement
    Weekend Fun
    Read Permission
    Daydream Girl
    Teen Excitation
    French Maid
    Black Lingerie
    Beautiful Teen
    Presenting Laina

    by the way her height is 5'0"
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    I'm the one who posted the Nubiles sets except the Sweetheart one. I was busy the morning that came out lol. The problem is the ShowyBeauty, Teenpornstorage and ExclusiveTeenPorn sets. I don't think ppl who have a paid membership can even get those sets for some reason. Surely they'd have surfaced by now with all the other sets from those sites that keep surfacing. I'm thinking she had some issues with the studios over those sets. Hopefully now that she's moved on to Met she'll be getting features in Femjoy, ErroticaArchives, Erotic Beauty etc. Much better network than those other places.
  4. i think just the opposite , Met is dogshit quality compared to AA and SB . also read the reason aa , sb , tps sets are rarely uploaded is because their sites are more secure and difficult for hackers to penetrate
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    there are a ton of aa and sb sets on here, some by paying members, but not her sets. i read a guy complaining he couldn't actually access some sets on their sites and support wouldn't even respond to him. i agree met needs some better photographers at times, the Laina set was a disappointment after all, the best shots of her on the couch her pussy is blurry and out of focus if you expand full size. that did suck
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    yes, i saw that, was very glad too. now maybe the showybeauty sets and exclusive teen porn sets will turn up too :cool:

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